Our Range of Solutions include

Solutions and Offerings

Executive Search

There is only one irreplicable competitive advantage that enterprises have today – their human capital. With decades of leadership and hiring experience behind us, we have expertise and understanding of competency needs at various levels and in various roles in the organization and are uniquely positioned to identify, source and support such requirements

Key Management Placements

An oft heard quote is that People Do Not Leave Organizations, They Leave Managers. We understand the significance of People Manager roles to the workforce from our vast and varied experience. And put that to work when we partner with you for your Leadership and Management hiring – and make magic happen, for our customers, candidates and us

Tech & Niche Skills Hiring

Technology Hiring and Niche Skills hiring are some of the most challenging hiring today with the vast gamut of IT roles and requirements coupled with a plethora of technologies – hiring for these roles require expertise and know-how that the team at Big Y bring, with their vast corporate experience. This is not everyone’s cup of tea – so, as is said – leave it to us, the experts

Campus Solutions

One of the most voluminous hiring requirements today are that of quality campus freshers. By virtue of our enriching prior experiences which include campus recruitments for more than 200+ technology and management campuses, we know what works and how to make it work. We specialize in greenfield projects to make the Campus Connection work for you!!